Fixing Slow WiFi Problem On OnePlus 6

Slow Wi-Fi can be hardly overlooked on your OnePlus 6, especially when you have so many apps that rely on an internet connection. The most annoying and visible problems, however, will be with your social media apps, the ones that normally have to load the most data, particularly in the form of photos, videos, etc. If you don’t like how your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat or even WhatsApp works, don’t just sit there doing nothing.

Unless you try to fix the OnePlus 6 slow Wi-Fi problem, the pictures will continue to look grey, the pages will still need ages to load, and Google Now will keep telling you that it “Can’t reach Google at the moment“. What can you do other than making sure that your Wi-Fi signal isn’t weak?


Want to fix slow Wi-Fi problem on OnePlus 6 without major risks?

Try to wipe the cache partition before you do anything else. This will only refresh your phone’s cash memory, allowing it to move better, smoother, and without glitches. How do you do just that?

  1. Turn off the device;
  2. Tap and hold the following keys, not necessarily in this particular order – Home, Volume Up, Power;
  3. When the device vibrates, after a few seconds, you will see that it has entered the Recovery Mode and you can release those keys;
  4. Coming up next, you’ll have to spot the Wipe Cache Partition and highlight it – use the Volume Down key for this purpose;
  5. To start it, simply press the Power button when the option is selected and wait until it finishes.


The wiping process will end and you can choose to reboot the system instantly, from the Reboot System Now option. This will lead to rebooting in the normal running mode, where you can test the Wi-Fi speed once again.


Other options for tackling the slow Wi-Fi on OnePlus 6 device

If the wiping didn’t help, there are still some other things left for you to try, with the mention that some of them will require some more technical knowledge. Without getting into too many details, let us list the alternatives and you’ll be able to spot what you can try on your own and what you can’t…

  1. Initiate a factory reset;
  2. Delete that network with the Forget option and reconnect to it afterward;
  3. Reset your Modem or Router, whatever you’re using;
  4. Change your connection from DHCP into Static;
  5. Change your DNS on the phone, choosing Google’s Addresses;
  6. Adjust some of your router bandwidth settings;
  7. Adjust the broadcast channel of your router;
  8. Look into the security settings of the modem or router and even disable the security altogether;
  9. Get in touch with your service provider, asking for extra help or specifically for higher speed and bandwidth.


If none of these solutions worked out, and you’re sure you’ve followed exactly the steps for how to clear the cache on OnePlus 6, the hard reset is probably the last option. But back things up for that one because you don’t want to lose any data while trying to fix the slow Wi-Fi on the OnePlus 6!




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