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Free Ringtone Downloads On OnePlus 6

Music is a big part of our lives that sets up moods when you expect less. If your OnePlus 6 rings but it doesn’t make your heart bounce or put a smile on your face, you’re clearly not using the right ringtone.

And just in case you’ve postponed making a change in this direction because you thought you don’t have too many options… Well, allow us to show you how to use pretty much whatever song you have on your smartphone as a ringtone. How do you like the sound of that?


Adding free ringtones for OnePlus 6, easier than you thought!

Changing the ringtone associated with one particular contact is piece of cake. Once you master the change for one contact, nothing will stop you from doing the same with as many contacts as you want, depending on your interests and, of course, your patience.

If you’re ready to set some custom ringtones on OnePlus 6, not just for the calls but also for the messages coming from those persons, follow our tutorial as described below:

  1. Turn on the screen of the OnePlus 6;
  2. Launch the Dialer app and select the contact;
  3. Tap the pen-shaped icon from the proximity of the contact’s name;
  4. Tap the Ringtone button;
  5. Browse through the window that will pop up, familiarizing yourself with the alternatives – the default ringtones installed on the OnePlus 6 from the factory;
  6. Consider, if you don’t like any of it, using the Add button to select a different ringtone, a song from your device storage;
  7. Save the changes in the end.


At this stage, you can stop here or continue to edit your other contacts as well. The more custom tunes you set up, the easier it will be for you to anticipate who’s calling, without having to rush and look at the phone. That way, using your favorite songs as ringtones, you’re going to make the OnePlus 6 more personal and enjoy using it like never before.

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