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How Do I Create Folders In OnePlus 6 Home Screen

It may happen that you might have different apps and want to create folders on OnePlus 6. Well the new OnePlus phone is a superb phone that has that ability. The next question hovering around your mind may be how do you create those folders in OnePlus 6 home screen? Keep reading and know how to organize apps into folders on your OnePlus 6 so that it doesn’t clutter the home screen.

There are numerous ways available to create folders on OnePlus 6 so as to organize various apps and widgets on the OnePlus 6. In a moment we shall show you how to form the folders that will encapsulate different icons and widgets on OnePlus 6.

The easiest way is to take and drag any app over another one so as to create an OnePlus 6 new folder. Repeat this procedure to all other apps that needs to be placed in the same folder. Remember that after placing any of the two apps on each other prompts a folder name to automatically appear below that folder. Once you see the folder name box appearing, release that app and go ahead to put a name on that newly created folder. Alternatively, owners of OnePlus 6 can use another method to create multiple folders.


How Do I Create Folders On OnePlus 6 (Method 2):

  1. Switch on your OnePlus 6.
  2. While on the Home screen, Press and then hold any app you desire.
  3. Take the app and move it to the screen’s top where there is a New Folder option.
  4. Name that New Folder with a label you desire.
  5. After finishing, go to the keyboard and press Done.
  6. Go to other apps you need to embed into this folder and follow the above 1-5 steps.



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