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How Do I Find IMEI Number On OnePlus 5?

For those that own the new OnePlus you could be asking, how do I find IMEI number on OnePlus 5? It’s important to know the IMEI of your phone because it acts as the serial number for your device. Thus if you lose your One Plus 5, the best way you can verify that you’re the original owner is by using the IMEI.

If you don’t have the best memory, then we recommended that you write your IMEI of OnePlus 5 down somewhere and don’t lose it.

IMEI stand for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, this is a specific number set that is unique for each phone. GSM phone networks use a IMEI number to make sure the smartphone is valid. Since if the phone has been stolen or blacklisted the IMEI won’t work and you’re phone can’t connect to a network.

You can do a IMEI number check with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint to see if the OnePlus 5 is not blacklisted and usable. You can find the IMEI number of One Plus 5 three different ways:


Show IMEI via service code

The easiest way that you can find the IMEI number on OnePlus 5 if you don’t have the original packaging is by using a service code. This can be done by turning on your phone and opening the Phone app. Then type in this code into the dialer: *#06#


IMEI on packaging

Another way that you can OnePlus 5 IMEI number is to look for it on the original packaging. In most cases, you can find the IMEI number as a sticker on the back of the box.


Find out the IMEI via the Android system

The finally method to locating IMEI on OnePlus 5 is by going into the System settings and finding it. First turn on your One Plus 5 and go to Settings. Next tap on “Device Information”, and tap on “Status”. On this page you’ll see a few different types of info for the OnePlus 5. Browse and find where it says “IMEI” this will be your IMEI serial number of OnePlus 5.


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