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How To Backup Messages On OnePlus 6

One of the most common ways of communication is sending text messages. If you wish to track or to ensure you can refer to the SMS`s you receive at a later date, it is then possible to do this through the OnePlus 6 smartphone.

There is one likely procedure through which you can do this and it involves using applications installed on your Android System. There are different approaches to use. One of them is saving the messages on your phone and the second approach is transferring the messages to your MAC or PC.


Backing Up Text Messages On OnePlus 6

To save the messages on your phone, you need to use an application. One of the applications to use is SMS Backup which is easy to use and also free to download. Follow the following procedure

  1. Download the Application SMS Backup and Install on your OnePlus 6.
  2. Open the application and click on save
  3. Choose the backup track. This can be internal memory or SD card
  4. Select the option indicating MMS to include it on the backup
  5. Confirm and messages will be saved.


Saving SMS On Your PC From OnePlus 6

Another easy approach is transferring the already existing SMS backup to your PC or MAC. Therefore you need to first complete the above approach before attempting to transfer the backup file. Now connect the phone to PC or MAC device and copy the file, select the folder where you would like to have the backup and then you can paste the file there.


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