How To Block Calls On OnePlus 5

If you own the new smartphone from OnePlus, it’s a good idea to know how to block calls on OnePlus 5. You probably have gotten calls from telemarketers, spammers, random people and you’re tired of it. The goods news is that there’s a way to get OnePlus 5 to block calls from unknown callers and individual people that you don’t want reaching you.

This feature of calling blocking is called “Rejection” thus these two words will be using throughout this article. The following are instructions on how to block calls on OnePlus 5.


How To Block Calls From Individual Caller

Many people don’t like getting calls from an old friend or ex-girlfriend that can’t stop calling you. The good news is that it’s possible to block contacts on OnePlus 5 with only a few steps. You can also block a specific unknown without saving them as contact.

First turn on your One Plus 5 and open the Phone application. Then select Call Log and choose the number that you’d like to block. After that tap on “More” and finally tap on “Add to auto reject list.”


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How To Block Calls From All Unknown Callers

It’s also possible to block anonymous callers. The most effective way to block OnePlus 5 unknown callers are to using the Auto Reject List (You can read about Auto Reject List below). Once you get to the “Auto reject list,” tap on block calls from “Unknown callers” on the OnePlus 5. Then just change the toggle to ON and you won’t have to be bothered from anonymous callers anymore.


How To Block Calls From The Auto-Reject List

A great way to have OnePlus 5 block calls in by opening the Phone app and in the top right hand corner of the screen tap on “More.” Next select on “Settings” followed by tapping on “Call rejection.” Finally, select “Auto reject list.” When you arrive to this page, type in the phone number or select the person that you want to block. If you’ve blocked people in the past, you’ll also see them here.

Once you follow the steps above, you should know how to block people on OnePlus 5.

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