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How To Block Calls On OnePlus 6

If you own the new OnePlus phone one of the things that you might want to learn is how to block calls on OnePlus 6. This includes blocking calls from an individual or may be from unknown contacts. The reasons why this is an important thing to do is different. One is in the case of spammers and the telephone marketers who always target smartphone owners for OnePlus 6 call blocking

The call blocking on OnePlus 6 application is known as “Call Reject” and interchanged with “call blocking”.


Guide For Call Blocking In OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 owners will receive calls from unknown callers. The “Auto Reject” feature is the best solution if you experience this issue of call blocking on OnePlus 6. Therefore all you need is switching ON Google and it will be a forgotten story.


Blocking Calls from Particular Contacts

The second approach for a call blocker on OnePlus 6 a particular number is by going to the phone application. Select call log and pick the particular number you want to block. Tap on “More” which is on the top right corner and then tap on “+to Auto-Reject list”


Using Auto Reject List To Block Calls

Going to the phones applications is another common approach used to reject calls. On the phone application select the MORE option and tap on settings. Now you should see “Auto Reject List”. On this view add the contact to the block list. If you had added someone on the block list of OnePlus 6 in the past, you will be able to see the numbers here. Therefore it is an easy place where you can remove these numbers that were previously blocked.

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