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How To Block Texts And Calls On OnePlus 6

If you’re tired of trying to ignore calls and messages from people with whom you don’t want to interact, make use of a special OnePlus 6 option. In today’s short article, we’re going to show you how to instruct your smartphone to block calls and texts from certain people, in your name. Once you do that, until you choose to remove the interdiction, you won’t even know that those persons tried to reach out to you because their incoming calls or messages will no longer be displayed on the device.


Have you been getting multiple calls from unknown numbers?

Some telemarketers and sales agents are willing to play it right but some of them will not hesitate to hide their phone numbers so they can stress you with unsolicited calls more than once. The problem with an unknown number is that you cannot block it because it is hidden. What you can do, instead, is to activate an option of the OnePlus 6 that empowers you to automatically block all the calls with hidden numbers.

It doesn’t matter who’s trying to reach out to you, as long as they don’t show their numbers, they don’t get in touch with you because the call will be automatically rejected. In order to do so, access the menu of your Phone app (from the More button) and select Settings, then Call Rejection. Under this submenu, you have the Auto Reject List, from where you can tick the box that rejects the “Unknown callers”.


Do you have a particular phone number in mind that you would like to block?

Blocking calls from individual callers is just as easily. Return to the Phone app and select the Call Log tab. Browse it until you find the entry with that number that you wish to block. With the phone number selected, hit the More button and use the “Add to Auto Reject List” option from that menu.


Do you want to block a specific contact already saved in your OnePlus 6 agenda?

For this purpose, you will have to retake the steps described in the first section and make it to the Auto Reject List page. In there, you can select a contact and block it. You can also see what other contacts or phone numbers you’ve blocked in the past. And if you’ve changed your mind about some of them, you can remove them from this blacklist. All these considered, you’ve just discovered all of your options on how to block calls and texts on the OnePlus 6.

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