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How To Calibrate Compass On OnePlus 6

The OnePlus 6 has a Compass feature that most people don’t know how to find it or use it to calibrate. Continue reading to know how to calibrate OnePlus 6 compass that is on your smartphone, so that you can later use the Compass on OnePlus 6.


How To Calibrate Compass On OnePlus 6:

  1. Switch on the OnePlus 6
  2. select the phone app from the phone’s home screen
  3.    Switch to keypad
  4. Then, Type *#0*#
  5. Later, choose the “sensor” tile
  6. Browse through up to the “Magnetic Sensor”
  7. Move the OnePlus 6 completely around to test each axis
  8. Move the OnePlus 6 compass sensor the until the whole thing is completely calibrated
  9. Repeatedly tap on the Back button to Exit the service menu


After you follow the steps you’ll know how to calibrate compass on OnePlus 6

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