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How To Change Device Name OnePlus 6

Every user has a different name when their device is connected via Bluetooth. You can also change this name very easily. When your mobile is connected to a computer, there would be notification which would say OnePlus 6 name.

If you don’t like the default name for OnePlus 6, then you can easily change that name to whatever you like. Our guide given below would tell you how you can easily change OnePlus 6 name.


How To Change Device Name On OnePlus 6

  1. Switch on your OnePlus 6.
  2. Got to the menu.
  3. Click “Settings”
  4. Find and click on Device Information.
  5. Look for Device Name and click on it.
  6. Now you can easily change OnePlus 6 name.


Once you are done, you can easily see the changes when you connect your mobile with a computer or any other smartphone via Bluetooth now that the name change of OnePlus 6 has happened.



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