How To Change Theme On OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 theme change is one of the best approaches whenever you want to add some great personalization to your phone. When you feel that you want to change from the boring theme that makes your phone look just like the other smartphones, then the theme change is a good approach.

A simple theme change will give a different appearance to the menus, the symbols, the widgets, and the fonts when you are entering information on the keyboard. In this article, we will feature the first approach for altering the theme of your OnePlus 6 smartphone. Later, we will see the difference between the smartphone theme and a theme launcher so as to determine if the set theme meets your expectations. Finally, you will see the different free themes available for your smartphone.


How to alter the OnePlus 6 Theme

The default parameters enable you to alter the phone theme. However, these default parameters limit you in terms of the available themes. Therefore, we choose to explain some of the available procedures for installing a theme on your OnePlus 6. This is through making use of the launcher which is an application with the ability of deploying themes on the OnePlus 6 smartphone.

A launcher application that we will explain to you is known as Themer. This application is very simple to use and is one of the important themes to use. The procedure for installing the application is so easy. You just need to download the application from the Google PlayStore and have it installed on your phone. Once you have the application installed on your phone, checkout the themes that are available and try to identify a suitable application from the options presented.

When you find a suitable theme, press on the theme and this will launch the download procedure. After the theme has been downloaded, install the new theme on your smartphone, open the notifications bar and open the icon showing the Themer so that you can begin activating the new theme. Once the new theme has been activated, you can repeat the procedure to change the theme once again as per your wishes. Checkout the illustrative article on how to change the OnePlus 6 Wallpaper.


How a Theme and the Launcher Differ

Differentiating between a theme and the launcher can sometimes be tricky. This is actually the reason why we choose to educate you on the difference. The theme is simply defined as the mobile phones interface. This relates to how the symbols, the colors and the wallpapers look like. On the other side we have the launcher. This is a third party application that enables you to replace the interface of the OnePlus 6 device. Therefore the launcher can be thought of as a distinct interface.


Finding OnePlus 6 Free Themes

Finding free themes for your OnePlus 6 device is a very simple procedure. You just need to open the Google PlayStore and search for a package that enables the free theme for your OnePlus 6. Whether you will like the new theme or not, it is entirely up to you to decide.

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