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How To Change Time In OnePlus 6

Owners of OnePlus 6 might wish to learn how they can adjust the phones clock and the calendar. The good thing about the phone is that you don’t have to wear a watch to know the current time. Therefore, it is important to learn how you can edit time and date on OnePlus 6. This is because the smartphone might not adjust these automatically especially if you travel to a new time zone.

The same also occurs if you have set daylight savings. In addition, the same issue will happen if you have deactivated the wireless connection and so the phone doesn’t connect to any server to adjust accordingly. Here we will teach you how to manually change the time on OnePlus 6.


Procedure For Adjusting Date and Time on OnePlus 6

  1. Ensure the phone is currently on
  2. Swipe from the screen top downwards
  3. Tap on the settings icon
  4. Lookout for date and time
  5. Tap on Automatic Date and Time to switch off Auto update through network
  6. Tap on Date setting
  7. Use the arrows to adjust the date and tap on set
  8. Touch Set Time
  9. Use the arrows to set time and tap on Set


After this you should know how to change time on OnePlus 6.



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