How To Change Wallpaper On OnePlus 6

You might wish to add some personalization on your smartphone. For the OnePlus 6, you can possibly change the wallpaper as one of the personalization approaches. May be you are no0 longer comfortable with the initial wall paper. From this article, you will learn the simple steps that can be applied to change the wallpaper.

There are two techniques that can be used to change the wallpaper. Also, you can set your preferred picture as the default wallpaper. In addition, a GIF image can be used as a wall paper for your OnePlus 6 Smartphone.


The Procedure for Altering the OnePlus 6 Wallpaper

To change the wallpaper used on your OnePlus 6 smartphone, you can use one of the two approaches. One approach is through the smartphone home screen and the other procedure is through a downloaded third party application. Therefore, as per your aspirations, just choose the most favorable option of the two.

  1. The initial approach is doing it from the smartphone homepage. Therefore, identify an empty space on the home screen and long press on it for a lengthy period. A popup menu will be displayed on the phone screen and one of them is labeled Wallpaper. Once you touch on the option, you will be presented with two options one of them being gallery and the other will be Wallpaper. With the Wallpaper option, you will be able to use the already installed wallpapers on your OnePlus 6 smartphone. With the Gallery option, you can make use of this option in case you wish to have the Pictures on the phone as one of the wallpapers.
  2. The other approach is installing a third party application that will be used to manage the wallpapers. The app enables the smartphone user to be able to automatically alter the wallpapers as per their preferences. A good example of such an application is the Fondsdécran. Download this application and install it on the phone and you will be able to change the wallpapers as you wish.


In case you wish to continue adding some personalization on the phone, keep reading our guide that shows how you can install themes on your OnePlus 6 smartphone.


Procedure for Setting Pictures as Your OnePlus 6 Wallpaper

Sometimes you might wish to use your favorite picture as the wallpaper. Actually, this is a very simple approach. Just press on an empty space on your home screen and tap on the Wallpaper option. After you will see the option labeled Gallery from which you can choose from your pictures. Simply tap on the picture that you wish to use as the wallpaper and crop the picture as you might wish. Once you are done, you just need to choose the confirmation option and you will have completed this successfully.


Procedure for Setting GIF as the Wallpaper on Your Phone

To add some movement on your smartphone home screen, you can simply make use of the GIF Wallpaper feature. An application w2ill effectively enable this. It is proposed that you make use of the AnimGif Live Wallpaper 2 application. Download and install the application, then go to the wallpaper library. From the wallpaper library identify the option that has the application`s name and then choose the GIF that you wish to set. From the home screen you will realize that the GIF image moves.

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