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How To Clear App Data On OnePlus 6

Clearing App data is one of the important things you should learn if you are using OnePlus 6. Note that the best approach for eliminating OnePlus 6 issue can be deleting the app data or complete factory settings reset. Here is a procedure that you need to follow to completely clear OnePlus 6 Cache.


Steps To Follow To Clear OnePlus 6 App Cache

If there is an issue that seems to emanate from a specific application, then consider clearing the apps cache on OnePlus 6 to eliminate the issue. To do this, follow the following instructions:

  1. Switch on the phone
  2. Open Settings and Navigate to Applications Manager
  3. Pick the Application that is causing you trouble
  4. Look for the screen displaying the app’s information
  5. Tap on Clear Cache
  6. In case you need to clear the cache for all the applications, open Settings, and navigate to Storage.
  7. Tap on Cache data so as to simultaneously clear the apps cache.


Note that selecting clear data means that applications data will be completely deleted. This could include the applications username and passwords, the preferred settings, the application usage information etc.


Alternatives In Clearing Cache For Apps Doesn’t Solve The Issue

If the problem still occurs after you have cleared the cache on OnePlus 6 for individual applications, you can try to reset the phone. However, before you complete these actions, you need to ensure the data that you still need is backed up. Remember that a factory reset takes the phone back to the original state.

Therefore everything will be lost unless you have backed it up. In case the problem still persists, then the ultimate solution would be a phone Cache Wipe. On OnePlus 6, this is referred to as clearing Cache partition.


Procedure For Cleaning OnePlus 6 Cache  

  1. Switch on your phone
  2. Press and hold the following buttons Concurrently until you see the Android logo and also the phone vibrates: the home key, Power key and also the Volume+
  3. Release the power button and hold on the other keys
  4. To highlight Clean Cache Partition Scroll using the Volume key
  5. Confirm the Action by tapping on the power key
  6. Use the Volume keys to highlight Yes and press the power button to complete the action
  7. Now restart the phone
  8. Now the OnePlus 6 reboots with a clean phone cache


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