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How To Clear Cache On OnePlus 6

There are different approaches that can be applied when you want to solve different Android issues on OnePlus 6. These approaches will actually not take long to complete. Complete factory settings restore and also clearing the cache are some of the alternatives to try. One of the reasons why cache clearing is an alternative is whenever you experience device freezes or glitches. Here is a guide on how you can clear the cache on OnePlus 6.


Understanding The Cache And Its Functions

To begin with, it is fundamental to understand what the cache is. In addition, you should have a clear understanding why you need to clear the cache. Note that the OnePlus 6 comes with 2 different caches. To begin with, we have the applications cache and then we also have the system cache. Note that the different applications come with their specific cache. The individual cache acts as temporal data storage and is helpful in apps data switching. On the other side, the system cache also performs the same duty. However, the system cache is dedicated to the Android system. Therefore, whenever there are any issues you are advised to consider cache clearing.


Procedure For Apps Cache Clearing In OnePlus 6

If the issue is affecting just one application, it is advisable that you clear the cache for the specific application that is problematic. To do this, follow the following guide.

  1. Ensure the phone is turned on
  2. Navigate to the settings and then to the applications manager
  3. Now pick the problematic application that you need to have cache cleared
  4. Identify the applications information screen
  5. Now tap on cache clear
  6. In case you need to clear all apps cache, open the settings and navigate to storage
  7. Now pick the cache data clearing so as to complete the action on all the application caches.


However, note that clearing the data will mean you are ready to lose the information that specific applications have stored. This includes the login data, the game progress, the preferred settings and much more.


Alternatives In Cache Clearing Doesn’t Solve The Issue

If you have cleared cache and you still face the OnePlus 6 issue, you then need to uninstall the applications and restart the device. However, you are advised to perform a data backup before you attempt the system restore. This will prevent losing the important data that you still need. In case the issue is still there after rebooting the OnePlus 6, it is advisable that you attempt the cache clearing. This is also referred to as cache partition clearing on OnePlus 6.


The Procedure For Clearing OnePlus 6 Cache

  1. Switch off your OnePlus 6
  2. Press the following buttons concurrently: the Volume+, the Power key, and the Home button. Ensure you hold the keys until you can see the Android logo on the screen and then the phone also vibrates.
  3. Release the power key but continue holding the other buttons.
  4. Highlight the Wipe Cache option using the Volume buttons
  5. To complete the action click the power key
  6. Use the volume key to highlight yes and to confirm hit the power key
  7. Select Restart the phone and confirm using the power key
  8. The Phone will reboot and the cache will have been cleared.


In case the issue is still there, you should try the OnePlus Factory reset.

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