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How To Close Apps In Background On OnePlus 5

Using an OnePlus 5 smartphone can be an interesting experience and you certainly have plenty of options to tweak about it. Nevertheless, just like with many other smartphones, what you see is not all you get. If you notice it runs slower and slower while the battery drains faster and faster, you might want to check the background apps and services. You’d be surprised to see how much of your system’s resources it can take up.

From the regular notifications that require internet access to scanning the internet for new available updates, daily lifestyle apps, social networking apps, email apps, they are all using resources without you even knowing it.

Stop these apps and you’ll notice that the OnePlus 5 will no longer move that slow. Your battery will last longer. And you’ll enjoy more bandwidth when surfing the web. If you’re at your first experience with an Android OS, learn how to turn off these background apps.


For closing all the apps that run in the background:

  1. You need to use the Recent Apps button of your Home screen and see what’s in there;
  2. Switch to the Active Apps icon;
  3. From the list that will be displayed, select the End option next to the apps that you want to stop from running in the background;
  4. Or select End All, followed by OK to get rid of all of them at once.


For disabling all the data for all the services running in the background:

  1. You need to navigate to the Settings menu;
  2. In there, go to Data usage;
  3. Use the three dots icon on the upper right;
  4. Uncheck the Auto Sync Data option;
  5. Confirm with OK.


Now that we’ve looked at how you can handle the main apps and services of the OnePlus 5, we still need to insist a little bit on a couple of other apps:


For Facebook background data, launch the app, access its settings, and use Refresh Interval >> Never.


For Twitter background data, go to Accounts, select the Twitter app listed in there, and simply uncheck the option labeled as Sync Twitter.


For Gmail or any other service from OnePlus, return to the Accounts menu, select OnePlus, select the name of the account, and uncheck the services you no longer want to run in the background of OnePlus 5.

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