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How To Connect OnePlus 6 To A PC Computer

If you would like to find out the procedure for connecting your OnePlus 6 to PC, here is the appropriate guide that you should follow. Note that the procedure is not hard if you have the right S/W. here are the alternative methods that you can use whenever you want to connect a OnePlus 6 to Personal Computer

Before we get started, note that you will need to use the most appropriate software so as to be able to move the music, transfer photos and videos between your PC and OnePlus 6. Visit the OnePlus website for you to download the required application. Be sure to select the right app depending on whether you are running a MAC or Windows Machine.

There are different file formats that are supported by the OnePlus 6. These include the following: Video Files in MPEG4, ,Divx, H.263, VP8, VC-1, (Format: 3Gp, wmv, Mp4, and 3g2), Audio files in FLAC, WMA, QCELP, WVRC, XMF, MIDI, AMR-WB, eAAC+, AAC, MONEPLUS 6.


The Procedure For Setting Up OnePlus 6/PC Connection

  1. If you are running windows device, download the OnePlus 6 USB drivers and Install. However for those running MAC you don’t need to do this.
  2. Use the Universal Serial Board cable to Connect your PC to the OnePlus 6
  3. Watch for a popup screen displayed on the screen of OnePlus. Pull the Notification area down and make appropriate choice


Procedure For Setting Up OnePlus 6 To PC Connection

  1. Use a USB cable to connect your phone to the Computer
  2. There will be a popup on the phone`s screen. now pull the notification down and select appropriate choice
  3. Connect the USB and Select OK.
  4. Tap on the Open Folder to check out the files on your computer screen.


Use the above instructions to connect OnePlus 6 to computer


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