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How To Create Folders On OnePlus 6

Folder creation on OnePlus 6 is a topic that will interest anyone that owns the smartphone. Creating folders on your phone gives you the opportunity to better manage applications and as such, prevent you from cluttering the phone home screen with apps.

There are different ways of creating folders on OnePlus 6 smartphone which allows you to organize various widgets and apps. Will you like to know the best way to create folders for widgets and icons on OnePlus 6 smartphone? Find out below.

The easiest and quickest ways of creating a folder on OnePlus 6 smartphone is by simply dragging the chosen application over another app which you will like to have together in a single folder. Repeat this process for all applications you want to have in the same folder.

A folder name appears when you placed an app over another, after this, you can then leave the app and renamed the folder you’ve just created. Below is an alternative way to create a new folder on OnePlus 6 smartphone.


How to make a new folder on OnePlus 6 (2nd method)

  1. Switch on the phone
  2. Gently press and hold the selected app on the phone home screen
  3. Drag the app to the screen top and move the app to “New folder option”
  4. Renamed the new folder
  5. Click “Done” on the phone keyboard
  6. Repeat the procedures for other applications you want to have in the same folder.


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