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How To Customize Lock Screen On OnePlus 6

OnePlus allows the owners to customize lockscreen on OnePlus 6. Here you can get rid of the widgets you no longer use and also include the ones that you use regularly. This is important since it helps to make the phone customizable.

In the section below you will learn the procedure for turning on or off the widget that shows you location-based weather updates. The weather widget is one of the standard OnePlus widgets and therefore you will find it on the new OnePlus 6 customizing lock screen settings.

If you don’t want to use the feature, you are able to disable it through the lock screen customization procedures. Here are the instructions you need to follow to achieve the objective of custom lockscreen on OnePlus 6.


Procedure For OnePlus 6 Lockscreen Customization

  1. Switch on the phone
  2. Open Apps Page from the Home screen
  3. Lookout for the settings menu
  4. Under the settings, view tap on the Lockscreen
  5. Now tap on the boxes to switch on or off the widgets you want on the lock screen
  6. Tap on the Home button


If you turn on a widget, then you will see it on the screen when the phone is locked. And if the widget is set to off, then you will not find the widget information if the screen is locked.


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