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How To Customize OnePlus 6 Lockscreen

Lock Screen is the first thing you see when you turn on your mobile, so you may want to know how you can optimize it and customize lockscreen on OnePlus 6. There are a few different ways how this can be done, and luckily, all of them are really easy.

We suggest you it would be very useful if you add some things to the lock screen on OnePlus 6, such as icons, widgets etc. If you want to be more creative, you will definitely like the option to change OnePlus 6 wallpaper of the lock screen.


How To Customize OnePlus 6 Lockscreen

You’ll see different features when you go to the “Settings” section and below we will explain to you separately what can you do with each of them.

  • Dual Clock – If you’re traveling a lot, this can be really useful for you; at the same time it shows current time zones and home time zone
  • Clock Size – Change the size of your clock, make it smaller or bigger
  • Show the Date – the name speaks for itself, in order to make data shown you should keep this checked
  • Camera Shortcut – Unlock the camera of the device instantly
  • Owner Information – It gives you an opportunity to add any type of information on your lock screen
  • Unlock Effect – If you’re creative enough, this can change the entire feel and look of the unlock animation and effect.
  • Additional Info – This option allows users to remove/add pedometer and weather info on the OnePlus 6 lock screen.


Can I change the Wallpaper of the OnePlus 6 Lock Screen? How?

As we already mentioned, YES. If you’re using OnePlus’s devices for some period of time, you will discover there is not a lot of difference between OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 5. Just press an empty space for some time on your screen – it will bring up the edit mode which allows you to change the Wallpaper. Simply tap on “Wallpaper” and click “Lock Screen”

OnePlus 6 is providing you few samples you can use for your wallpaper, but if you don’t like them you can always add a picture you would like to see. Select “more images” and choose the one you want.

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