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How To Cut, Copy And Paste On OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 smartphones are powerful enough and well-equipped to offer you all kinds of experiences, many of them similar to the ones from your personal computer. Working with text, for instance, will allow you to make various selections and then easily cut, copy or paste fragments. If you’re interested in these options but you’re a bit puzzled because you haven’t seen any related menu on your OnePlus 5, there’s a good explanation for it.

While the options are easy to use, they are a bit hidden in the sense that their menu will only show up on the screen in the right context. What can you do about it, on either a Mac or a Windows PC, and how to highlight and remove texts or blocks of words, from emails to web browsers, coming up next!


To cut, copy or paste on your OnePlus 5, you will have to:

  1. Select the entire text that you want to edit or only a small portion of it – you’ll see that you will have the option to adjust this selection later on, before you select your preferred text editing tool;
  2. After the selection of the text, long press on it until you see a new menu popping up;
  3. The new menu will be displayed right at the top of the screen, as a small menu bar, where you have the options to Select All, Cut, Copy, or just Paste the highlighted or selected text;
  4. Your selection will also be framed by two small tabs that you can drag, precisely to adjust the size of the text selection before you use the menu bar options;
  5. Once the text is properly selected, tap on the desired text editing option.


That’s all, with the mention that options might vary a little bit depending on the environment. For instance, if you try these cut, copy and paste commands on OnePlus 5 from the Internet app, you might see some extra tools. Consider the opportunity to share the text directly with the Android share button or just use the search magnifying glass for a quick OnePlus search.


To finalize the copy or the cut action with the paste action…

  1. Leave the current window and go to the window where you want to bring the previously selected text;
  2. Find whatever empty field or exactly the text field where you want to bring the text;
  3. Long press on that text area until a small pop-up with the Paste option on it will show up;
  4. Select the Paste option and your previously copied fragment will show up here almost instantly.


After a couple of attempts to select all text, cut and remove particular settings, and really use the cut, copy and paste tools on OnePlus 5, you’ll find it very easy to work with any kind of texts.

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