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How To Cut, Copy And Paste On OnePlus 6

OnePlus owners like to use the copy, cut and paste on OnePlus 6. This makes the experience much easier and therefore it is important to learn how to do so. This article will explain the procedure for using these tools. These tools are important based on the simplicity, the effectiveness and also the power that they offer the users.

However, the features are hidden and it is therefore important that we show you how to find OnePlus 6 copy, cut and paste features. In addition, note that the features operate the same way as in the Apple or Windows operating system used on computers. Ideally, they enable the OnePlus 6 users to be able to easily select and highlight words and then cut or paste the words when using the texting app, the email or any other typing application. Here are the instructions you need to follow to activate cut copy and paste on OnePlus 6.


The Procedure For Using Copy/Cut And Paste Tools On OnePlus 6

The best and simplest approach to use when you want to use these features is:

  1. Select the text
  2. Then long press on the text
  3. A menu will then pop up on the screen giving you these three options.
  4. Tap on the tool that you want to use
  5. Complete the action you initiated.


In case you are using the tools on a browser, you can share the text by using the Android sharing button. You can as well do a Google search using the Android search magnifying glass that appears on the screen. All you need to do is drag the tabs over the text and you will have completed the action.

Repeat the above steps to copy and then paste it later using the long press option. Long press on an empty place on the screen and select paste so that the selected text will be posted there.


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