How To Disable Camera Shutter Sound On OnePlus 6

If there’s one thing that the OnePlus 6 users would like to change about the powerful camera of their smartphone, it would probably have to do with the shutter sound. Have you noticed how it comes into play right when you were hoping to take a silent picture? It’s not necessarily that you’re trying to take snapshots of confidential information. More often than not, you just want to be able to take a picture without drawing all the attention to you.

Naturally, with the annoying camera shutter sound, it becomes impossible to do just that. If you happen to live in a country where turning off that sound is illegal – like in the United States, for example – your conundrum is understandable. Can you really turn off the camera sound on your OnePlus 6? Yes, you can, and you have two options at hand for doing so…


The least complicated option is to use a third-party camera app

Sure, it might seem difficult at first, until you familiarize yourself with how the new camera app looks and works. You might also find it difficult to decide with what app to replace the stock camera app of the OnePlus 6. But once you pass over all that, you’ll probably enjoy the bliss of taking photos without making any kind of noise. Go to the Play Store, search for such apps, read some reviews, and test a few. Believe us when we tell you, this is the least complicated option because the alternative is to…


Consider keeping OnePlus 6 on Vibration/Mute whenever taking a photo

If you want to keep using the default camera app, it will keep making that shutter sound. That’s because that sound is a notification sound. And as long as you have the phone set to the loud ring mode, all notifications will sound loud and clear. This is also why trying to take photos with the headphones plugged in doesn’t work.

The sound that you hate so much is a notification that a picture has been taken. Like any other notification, there’s only one way to make it stop. You set up the phone to Vibration or Mute as the main ring mode. Now, we totally understand why the option is complicated. It just forces you to keep the phone on silent all the time. Or, if you don’t want to do that, you have all the chances to forget that it’s not on Silent and take pictures with the shutter sound when you expect less.


Now that you know what it takes to turn Off the OnePlus 6 camera shutter sound, what do you prefer?



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