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How To Do Multi Window On OnePlus 6

For any OnePlus owner, using Multi Window on OnePlus 6 is one of those handy things. Evidently, OnePlus 6 users can run two apps simultaneously using the Multi Window feature. But you will have to go to the settings menu to enable the Split Screen so as to use Multi Window on OnePlus 6.

We will, therefore, explain to you how to enable and start using Split Screen View and Multi Window Mode on OnePlus 6.


Enable Multi Window Mode On OnePlus 6

Follow these instructions below to enable Multi Window in the Settings menu and use that feature.

  1. Turn OnePlus 6 on
  2. Head to Settings menu
  3. Go to the Multi-window under the Device
  4. In the screen’s top right corner, switch On the Multi-window toggle
  5. Check the box that is next to Open in multi-window view so that by default you select the content you need in Multi Window mode.


Once you finish enabling Multi Window Mode on OnePlus 6, examine whether there is a grey semi half or semi-circle visible on the screen. The presence of semi-circle or half circle on the OnePlus 6 screen implies the settings have been enabled so that you can begin to use the Multi Window Mode.

To use this feature, use your finger to tap the semicircle so that multi-window emerges at the top. After doing that, simply drag the icons from the menu to whatever window you need it to open. With a press and hold onto the circle the middle part of the screen you can easily resize the OnePlus 6 window and place to whatever new location you need it to be.

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