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How To Enable Developer Mode On OnePlus 5

Just like with every other new smartphone, the OnePlus 5 from OnePlus comes with general options available to the average user and more advanced options, hidden from the standard user. As happy as you’d be with the phone’s specifications, security settings, controls etc., at some point, you might want more or just be curious to see what the advanced features could offer you. Especially since you must have heard that enabling the Developer Mode on OnePlus 5 will get you in control of some cool, hidden features…

That’s right, enabling this mode will empower you to tweak certain aspects of the device. Changing its settings or activating the USB debugging, installing third-party apps or ROMs are only a few of the options you will unlock on this occasion. And the best part is that doing so is easier than you might have thought – it only takes a few taps of the display.

More about how many taps and where exactly, coming up next. And if you’re not really sure about doing so, we want to reassure you that there’s no damage that your OnePlus 5 will experience just because you access the Developer Mode. Some options are hidden for a reason, but if you really want to learn something new and explore what’s behind the interface we are all looking at, you can begin with the instructions detailed below.


The simple way to enable Developer Mode on OnePlus 5

  1. It all begins, as expected, from the General Settings menu;
  2. Slide down the top bar and tap the gear-shaped icon to get there;
  3. Select About Device;
  4. Select Build Number;
  5. Quickly tap 6-7 times on the Build Number, until you get a prompt;
  6. Tap a few more times afterward and you’re done;
  7. Use the back button to return to the original Settings menu;
  8. This time, right above the About Device entry, you should be able to see a new option, the Developer options;
  9. Tap on it to access the Developer Menu;
  10. Switch the Developer Menu On in order to gain access to its full options.


From this moment on, this menu of your OnePlus 5 will allow you to access a wider range of settings, the majority obviously targeted towards the more advanced users. For instance, you could tweak the animation scale options, which are all set, by default, at 1x. By simply lowering it to 0.5x you will be able to significantly improve your phone’s overall speed. And this is only one example of the main advantages that you can explore from accessing the OnePlus 5 Developer Mode!

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