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How To Enable Developer Options On OnePlus 6

The recently released OnePlus 6 has some great features, advanced security and settings including different options that are hidden from the standard Android users. You can have the ability to change these settings when you activate the developer options on OnePlus 6. This includes changing some advanced settings, enabling Debugging and several others. Before you can do these you will need to activate developer alternatives from the settings menu.

The procedure for activating developer alternatives (options) is easier than you thought. Actually, with 6 screen taps you will be done. Here is the procedure to do turn on Developer Mode on OnePlus 6.


Enabling OnePlus 6 Developer Options

Open the Settings menu by scrolling from the top of the screen downwards. On the notifications bar you will see a gear shaped icon which is also the settings shortcut. Click it and navigate to “About the Device” and tap on the “Build Number”. Apply a few taps when you see the prompt and apply additional four taps. You will now be done and so select the back key until you see the main settings view. Here you should be able to see a new option which appears above the “About Device” view.

Tap on developer options on OnePlus 6 to see the options that are exclusively reserved for advanced users only. This is the only advantage and this is because you will now have access to settings like animation options. Each of the options changes how different things are displayed on the screen.


Wondering What Effects Developer Options On OnePlus 6 By Enabling It Will Have?

With the developer options enabled on OnePlus 6, this doesn’t in any way damage your smartphone. You just have a view of the options that a standard user will not have. However, those who want to modify the settings of the phone will need the developer options.


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