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How To Enter OnePlus 5 Recovery Mode

Though recently launched, the OnePlus 5 smartphone from OnePlus might get you into troubles, at times. No smartphone is flawless, that’s a fact, so, instead of arguing the value of this device that you are now using anyway, it would be more helpful to focus on anticipating issues. Of course, with this anticipation comes the ability to prevent or just be prepared for the more or less expected bugs and malfunctions.

We could and we will just sum up the entire above to only two words – Recovery Mode. This is a boot sequence that all Android devices are instructed for. As long as you know how to tell your phone – in this particular case the OnePlus 5 – to boot that sequence instead of the sequence for the normal running mode, you’ll get access to a phone’s internal system.

First time when you get your OnePlus 5, unpack it and start it, what you see, before you get to configure it, is a stock recovery image. This one will serve as a link between that internal system of the phone and you, the user. Whenever you have problems with the device, accessing the recovery mode and that initial recovery image can be a great solution.


What can you do from the Recovery Mode:

  • Update the current software version;
  • Perform a hard reset;
  • Create a backup of your device’s content etc.


Say you want to customize or even optimize the Android system of your OnePlus 5, through TWRP or CWM, entering the Recovery Mode is necessary. And from the TWRP or the CWM recovery, operations such as unlocking the bootloader, getting root access, installing custom ROM firmware or just removing bloatware will be much easier.

If any of these has gotten your attention, let’s move on to the essentials.


How to access the Recovery Mode from your OnePlus 5:

  1. Before anything else, power off the phone;
  2. Then, press and hold, simultaneously, the Power, Volume Up, and Home keys;
  3. Hold these keys until the Android System Recovery screen is loaded;
  4. Then, you can release the buttons and start navigating around and exploring your options.


Whenever you’ve entered the Recovery Mode, on OnePlus 5 or any other operating system, the touch commands are no longer active. Switching from one menu to another will require using the Volume keys, particularly the Volume Down key. And when you’ve found the option that you want to activate, suffices to tap the Power button when that option is highlighted and you should get the desired action.

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