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How To Factory Reset OnePlus 5

For those that own the new OnePlus smartphone, it’s a good idea to know how to factory reset OnePlus 5. Users may want to factory reset the phone when there’s a problem with it or want to start fresh with the device.
What ever your reason for wanting to get the OnePlus 5 factory reset, below we’ll explain how you can do this.

It’s recommended to first backup your device before completing a factory reset. The reason for this is that’ll help reduce the chance of losing data and important information in case something goes wrong during the reset process. You can backup your OnePlus 5 by going to Settings and tapping on Backup & reset.


How to Factory Reset OnePlus 5

The fastest way that you can factory reset OnePlus 5 is by going to the Notification center on your phone and taping on the gear icon. This will bring up the settings page and then tap on Backup, this can be seen under Backup and reset.

Finally tap on Factory data reset and then you’ll see an option to select Delete all. Once you tap on that button, just wait for the phone to reboot and then you’ll be good to go with a OnePlus 5 factory reset.

After you follow the steps above, you should know how to factory reset One Plus 5.


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