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How To Find Stolen Or Lost OnePlus 6

What a terrible thing to lose such a powerful (and pretty expensive) smartphone like the OnePlus 6! If you’re unfortunate enough to have the OnePlus 6 stolen from you, the frustration must be almost unbearable. But should you give up on any hopes of ever getting your data back, not to mention the device itself?

If you ask us, there is more than one way to find a lost or stolen OnePlus 6 smartphone. Even when you cannot put your hands on it, you might still be able to delete everything from it, remotely – that’s a slight consolation too, knowing that the villain won’t get to use your personal information. And as you can imagine, the right solutions reside in the right tracking software, which can be the Android Device Manager or the Find My Android as it is often called.

Coming up next, we’ll revise together the essentials of trying to track down your OnePlus 6. So, let’s see what you can really do about it and you’ll get to determine if it works for you or not, in a moment.

Generally, it is much easier to find a stolen or lost OnePlus 6 when you have already taken some precautions. Ideally, you should make sure that:

  • The device has special tools installed on it, particularly the Lookout or the already mentioned Android Device Manager – these tools will help you locate the phone and secure its content despite not being able to get it back;
  • The AirDroid app is ready to be used for remote file access, which will help you recover some data and, if you’re really curious, to access, from a distance, not just the messaging app, but also the camera!


What you should know about the Loud Ring Mode

The Loud Ring Mode is one of the three main modes that your OnePlus 6 can make use of, whenever you’re getting calls, messages, or notifications. If you configure it to Vibrate or to remain on Silent most of the time, it will clearly not help you when you’re trying to get it. Usually, thieves will turn off your phone as soon as they get their hands on it. If you’re trying to call your number and the phone takes the call, there’s a good chance that it was simply lost and no one has it. In this situation, you’d be happy to have it set to the Loud Ring Mode – assuming you’ve lost it in the nearby, it will be considerably easier for you to hear it.


What you should know about the Lookout app

Lookout is a phone tracking app, among many other things. If you end up in this nasty situation, having access to it will help you a lot. But if you take a look at the official page of the app, you’ll be happy to hear that Lookout is specialized in cybersecurity, ensuring enhanced protection to your OnePlus 6. Needless to say, you might want to keep it on hand all the time, not only when you cannot find your lost or stolen OnePlus 6. The best alternative to it is the ADM, and we’re going to show you next how to download the Android Device Manager app from the Play Store and, most importantly, how to make use of it to its fullest potential.


What you should know about the Android Device Manager

The Android Device Manager comes active by default on all software released after 2013. Therefore, your OnePlus 6 should have it too but you will still need to verify that it is active and ready to use. You can do that from Settings, at the Security & Screen Lock, where you have the Device Administrators. Go there and check the “Android Device Manager” box.

After you log in and test its features, you will convince yourself about how easy it is to track down the mobile phone in desperate times. You will be able to do it from any internet-connected device. But we strongly advise you to announce the police as soon as you’ve tracked its location via GPS.

In a nutshell, to use the ADM you must have it active on your phone, together with a Wi-Fi connection – otherwise, the GPS location tracking won’t work. Assuming these two conditions are accomplished, when the phone is lost or stolen, access the Android Device Manager page from a PC, use your credentials, select your missing OnePlus 6, and hit the GPS locate button. Hopefully, it will work!

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