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How To Fix Blurry Pictures On OnePlus 6

It is already known that this device has a very quality camera, but users have reported they are having the problem with blurry videos and blurry picture on OnePlus 6.

But, don’t panic, your camera is fine, the reason why you are having the problem with low-quality videos and pictures is that you didn’t remove the protective plastic casing from the camera. This causes blurry videos and low-quality pictures, but as you can see, it doesn’t represent a big problem and it’s really easy to fix it blurry videos and pictures on OnePlus 6.

But, in case you still have fuzzy images and videos, then read the steps below how you can fix this issue.


How to fix low-quality videos and pictures on OnePlus 6?

  1. Turn on your device
  2. Find Camera app and open it
  3. In the bottom left side of the device find the “Settings” section and open it
  4. When you find “Picture Stabilization” box, disable it


You should now know how to fix blurry pictures on OnePlus 6.

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