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How To Fix No Service On OnePlus 6

A new OnePlus 6 usually had a fantastic network capability but it is common for the smartphone to show a “No Service” error one OnePlus 6 when operating it. The case is similar to a smartphone that isn’t registered to an active network and therefore, you will see no signal on OnePlus 6. Before you continue with this discussion, you can learn how to conduct general “No Service ” fixes.


Problems Causing OnePlus 6 No Service Error

One of the major reason for the OnePlus 6 No Service error could be the case where the radio signal is turned off. Whenever there is a GPS and WiFi and issue on the smartphone, such a signal can sometimes automatically turn off.


How To Fix OnePlus 6 No Service

You will have to follow these steps to fix the OnePlus 6 “No Service” issue:

  1. Access the Dial Pad
  2. Then, Type in (*#*#4636#*#*) NOTE: the Service mode will appear automatically therefore no need of pressing the send button.
  3. Enter into the Service mode
  4. Then, Select on “Phone information” or “Device information”
  5. Choose Run Ping test
  6. Tap the Turn Radio Off button to restart the OnePlus 6.
  7. Choose reboot


Fix IMEI Number On OnePlus 6

In most cases, the No service error on your OnePlus 6, usually occurs due to an unknown or nulled IEMI number.


Change SIM Card On OnePlus 6

Another cause can be the SIM card that is resulting to the “No Service” message. So, check whether the SIM card is inserted correctly on your smartphone or rather replace with a new SIM card fix the “No Service” issue on the OnePlus 6.

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