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How To Fix OnePlus 5 Black Screen Problem

For those that have bought the new OnePlus smartphone, you may want to know how to fix OnePlus 5 black screen problems. Several people have reported about a black screen on OnePlus 5 that randomly shows up without any issues in the past.

In most cases you should not get worried, there’s a few different solutions to the black screen on OnePlus 5 and we’ll explain how you can fix it below. Most of these solutions will only take a few minutes to solve your problem and you’ll be able to use your smartphone again.


Boot to Recovery Mode and Wipe Cache Partition

Below we’ll explain how to get your OnePlus 5 into Recovery Mode by booting the smartphone:

  1. At the same time press and hold the Power, Home and Volume buttons
  2. Once your phone vibrates, release the Power button, but keep holding the other two
  3. Go “Wipe cache partition” and select it with the Power button
  4. Once the cache partition has been cleared, your phone will start reboot



Factory Reset OnePlus 5

Another method to fix the black screen issue on One Plus 5 is to factory reset your phone. The quickest way to factory reset your OnePlus 5 is by going to the Notification center and tapping on Settings. Here you’ll be able to Backup your phone and then Factory Reset the OnePlus 5. For another version on how to Factory Reset OnePlus 5, read this guide.


Get Technical Support

After you’ve followed the steps above, if you haven’t still fixed the OnePlus 5 black screen problem, then it’s recommended that you take your phone back to the store you bought it from to get it checked. There may be something physically wrong with your phone that a technician can determine the issue with it.


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