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How To Fix OnePlus 5 Gets Hot

For those that own the new OnePlus, you may want to know how to fix OnePlus 5 gets hot after several hours of using it. Some owners have said that this hot OnePlus 5 problem occurs every once in a while at out nowhere.

There’s a few different reasons that this happen, first you could have left your phone own in the heat or sun for a long time, thus the One Plus 5 overheats. If this then you need just to wait for the phone to cool down and start using it again.

While others have said that their smartphone is hold all the time. If this is the case for you, we’ll explain how to fix OnePlus 5 overheating problem.


How to fix OnePlus 5 overheating problem:

  • The overheating on One Plus 5 could be happening because of a third-party app that you’ve downloaded. You can see if this app is causing the problem by holding the Power OFF button until you see Reboot to Safe Mode on the screen. Next press Restart. In the lower left corner, it should say safe mode. If this solves the issue, then the third-party app had caused the problem. It’s a good idea to uninstall the app or complete a factory reset.
  • It’s recommended to first wipe cache of One Plus 5 before you go to factory reset the phone(Learn how to clear the OnePlus 5 cache). First turn off the OnePlus 5. Next hold the Volume, Power and Home buttons at the same time. Wait until the OnePlus logo shows up on the screen with a blue recovery text, and then let go of the buttons. Once you get into the Recovery menu, use the Volume down button to highlight wipe cache partition and use the Power to select it. Finally use the Volume button to select on reboot system now and use the Power to select.


After you follow the steps above, you’ll know how to fix hot OnePlus 5 that overheating.


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