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How To Fix OnePlus 5 Won’t Activate

OnePlus 5 activation problems are not necessarily uncommon. We know it firsthand since we often receive questions from our readers on this topic. If the smartphone won’t activate correctly, you can always work it out by questioning the carrier. The first step you need to take is this one.

If you’re stubborn enough to insist on skipping the back and forth communication with T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or any other carrier, just read on. It’s possible that you’ll get it to the bottom of this OnePlus 5 won’t activate problem on your own.


What could be the cause?

We know, it is frustrating not being able to activate the OnePlus 5 smartphone. Especially when you don’t know anything about it and the error took you completely by surprise. To help you get a better sense of the situation you’re dealing with, let us outline the context. If you cannot activate the device, it must be because of a problem with the servers.

When the connection of OnePlus 5 with its servers is impaired, the activation cannot succeed. Is it something wrong with the phone? Maybe with the service? Evidence shows that these errors are triggered because of:

  1. A server temporarily unavailable;
  2. A device recognition problem.


Either way, it can be a short-term issue that will work out on its way (the first one) or a more serious problem that requires your intervention (the second one).


What options do you have?

Since it takes a Wi-Fi connection to communicate with the server, when the activation fails, it makes sense to suspect such network issues or inappropriate Wi-Fi settings. Connect your OnePlus 5 to another Wi-Fi network and see if the activation error persists. You might be happy to discover that it’s all gone…

If changing the network didn’t help, you have two options that you can put into practice right away. As usually, one of them is a very simple action while the other one is a bit more radical:

Restart the OnePlus 5 – it doesn’t guarantee you that the activation will perform flawlessly after that, but it certainly gives you a chance to get rid of the problem without any other complications. Just turn off your phone and restart it after a few minutes.

Restore the OnePlus 5 – more often than not, activation problems are solved this way, with a factory reset. As you probably know, a reset must always be preceded by a backup performed from the Settings >> Backup & Reset menus of the device. Keep all your important information safe and follow the steps to factory reset OnePlus 5 at ease. While doing so, you might as well discover that the action will also help you to get a fresh start on your smartphone.

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