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How To Fix OnePlus 6 Back Button Not Working

If you’re having a problem with your back button, believe us you’re not alone, a lot of OnePlus users have reported that their back key not working on OnePlus 6. These touch button light up with each tap you make and in that way they are showing your device is turned on. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that OnePlus 6 back button is not working. If you have these keys by the Home button, or if the return button doesn’t light when you tap it, you’ll get the instructions below how to fix this.

The main reason why the tap button of the device isn’t working is that it’s simply turned off. When you get new OnePlus 6, buttons are turned off because your device is in energy saving mode. So, let’s see the instructions, shall we?


Fixing process of Touch Key light on OnePlus 6

  1. Turn on your device
  2. Find the Menu page
  3. Enter the “settings” section
  4. Tap on “Quick Settings”
  5. Tap on “Power Saving”
  6. After that select on “Power Saving Mode”
  7. Then go to “Restrict Performance”
  8. Tap next to “Turn off touch key light” in order to uncheck the box


Problem solved, your touch keys will now be turned on.

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