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How To Fix OnePlus 6 Black Screen Problem

At the first instance when you turn on your OnePlus phone, you might encounter a black screen on OnePlus 6. With such a problem, the buttons on the OnePlus 6 light up normally, however, the screen will remain black as nothing will show up.

Although the times that the OnePlus 6 screen won’t turn will occur randomly for diverse people the bottom-line issue is that the phone’s screen will fail to wake up at one point in time. There several ways you can use to tackle the OnePlus 6 blank screen issue, some of which are discussed below.


Boot To Recovery Mode And Wipe Cache Partition

These are the steps you can use to get your OnePlus 6 into a Recovery Mode through booting your smartphone:

  1. First, Press and then, hold at the same time the Home, Power and Volume Up buttons
  2. When you notice the smartphone vibrating, release that Power button as you hold still those other two buttons up to the point where an Android System Recovery screen begins to appear.
  3. Highlight the “wipe cache partition” using “Volume Down”, and later select it through pressing Power button.
  4. OnePlus 6 automatically reboot once you clear the cache partition.


To get a more comprehensive explanation, kindly Read on how to clear cache the OnePlus 6 guide


Factory Reset OnePlus 6

You can also attempt to factory reset your smartphone in case the above method fails to tackle the black screen problem on OnePlus 6. Always back up all information and files to prevent data loss before you factory reset an OnePlus 6. Otherwise, following this guide and know how to factory reset the OnePlus 6.


Get necessary Technical Support

In the event that you have done everything possible to fix the black screen problem on OnePlus 6, you will have to return the phone to the shop or store you bought for a physically check up to ascertain any damages. If a technician proves that it is defective, it will be handed to a specific replacement unit for repair.

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