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How To Fix OnePlus 6 Bluetooth Problems

The OnePlus phone is one those excellent phones around but there some reports about Bluetooth problems on OnePlus 6 that have recently resurfaced. Having a Bluetooth connectivity problem when using one of the newest flagship smartphones from OnePlus can be a painful experience. To make it worse, there hasn’t been any software or hardware bug report about that issue so far. Fortunately, we are around to help you learn how to fix OnePlus 6 Bluetooth issues.

Without any published report about the cause of the issue, it can be a challenge to deal with it. However, the OnePlus 6 Bluetooth issue is not an isolated issue as the problem is prevalent in car models such as Volkswagen, Volvo, Mazda, Nissan, GM, Toyota, BMW, Tesla, Ford, Mercedes Benz, and Audi. Hopefully, there are several ways you can utilize to fix these OnePlus 6 Bluetooth problems.

One of the method to fix the OnePlus 6 Bluetooth problems involves clearing Bluetooth data; to help you on this read the clear the cache guide. A cache normally stores temporary data that can be of great benefit when it comes to apps switches. Such an issue is most common when connecting your OnePlus 6 with other car Bluetooth devices. Therefore, it is advisable to clear the Bluetooth data and cache and later try reconnect it whenever you are faced with such kind of an issue.

There are also other several steps below on how to fix OnePlus 6 Bluetooth problems that can be of help.


How To Fix OnePlus 6 Bluetooth Issues:

  1. Turn the OnePlus 6 on
  2. Head to home screen and choose the app icon
  3. Later, tap the settings icon
  4. Browse to the Application Manager
  5. Swipe either left or right to Display All Tabs
  6. Click on Bluetooth
  7. Select the ‘stop it forcefully’ option.
  8. Then, clear cache
  9. Choose clear Bluetooth data
  10. Punch Ok
  11. Lastly, restart your OnePlus 6


How To Fix OnePlus 6 Bluetooth Issues:

In case the above steps fails to work, try to put your OnePlus 6 into recovery mode, then, carry out a wipe cache partition. After finishing the procedure, try connecting your OnePlus 6 to another Bluetooth gadget around your range and you will see it working.

So, whenever you encounter Bluetooth problems on OnePlus 6, just follow some of these instructions.



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