How To Fix OnePlus 6 Hanging

Hanging – or freezing, like some OnePlus 6 users like to call it – is a somewhat common problem among smartphones. Even the most popular flagships on the market can behave that way, occasionally. The problem, however, is that freezing is often accompanied by crashing. So, it’s not like you can wait and hope for the best. You wait only to discover that the device crashes and restarts or, worse, it remains blocked, making you lose whatever you’ve been working on at the moment.

We’re well aware that it is not easy at all to go through any of these. Yet we’re here to support you and show you a couple of things that might ease your situation.


Delete the “bad apps” and you might fix the situation

Hard to tell when an app is “bad”, especially if the hanging is triggered randomly by different apps. Nevertheless, if one app, in particular, tends to make the device hanging more than others, you can call it a bad app. Check its reviews within the Play Store, to see if others are complaining about it just like you do. And see if the developer offered any upgrades lately or if there’s any sign it will come back with a newer version soon. If there’s no hope for it, just give up on it.


Give that “bad app” a chance and get some extra memory for it

If you think that an app isn’t working as it should yet you cannot find any clues about it within the Play Store… Maybe the problem is with your OnePlus 6 and not with the app in itself. A lack of memory is the first issue to suspect so, try to uninstall whatever you no longer need. The more memory you spare, the better your apps should work. And, hopefully, this is what you needed.


Try a different approach for the common memory problem

If extra memory is not what those apps seem to need, perhaps it’s something about their cache memory that you must check. Memory glitches can be fixed with a simple restart but an overcrowded cache memory will require that you clear the cache and the data of that app. Go to Settings, at Apps, and select to Manage Applications. Select the app that seems to have problems and use the two options in there, Clear Data respectively Clear Cache.


Also, consider updating your OnePlus 6 operating system version

Especially when more and more apps seem to be having problems, you no longer afford to blame them. Consider, before you proceed to more invasive troubleshooting options, that the phone might need an OS update. Check if there’s any newer software version available and install it as soon as you can.


Last but not least, factory reset OnePlus 6

We have to say, this is a desperate measure for desperate times. If nothing works and you’re preparing yourself to take the phone to an authorized service… Give it a few extra minutes and try a factory reset. This should remove most of your software issues, along with all your data. So, carefully read this guide for the OnePlus 6 factory reset and give us a sign if you need more help!


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