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How To Fix OnePlus 6 Turns OFF Randomly

Amongst the best smartphones that features in 2018, you can definitely find The OnePlus 6. But occasionally the issue many OnePlus owners see which tends to threaten the OnePlus 6 turns off for no particular reason. It is not normal for the OnePlus 6 to randomly shut off and restarts without caution. For this reason, we shall enable you know how to fix OnePlus 6 turning off and restarting randomly issue.


Factory Reset The OnePlus 6

Conducting a factory reset is the initial method you ought to attempt to fix the OnePlus 6 that randomly keeps turning off. For a more comprehensive instruction read this how to factory reset the OnePlus 6 guide. But don’t forget to back up all information and data so as to prevent loss when carrying a factory reset on OnePlus 6.


Clear Cache On OnePlus 6

After carrying out a factory reset on your OnePlus 6, the recommended action is to wipe the smartphone’s cache partition of the (Learn how to clear the OnePlus 6 cache). To do this, Turn off the OnePlus 6, then, press and hold the Power, Home, and Volume Up buttons together. When you see the OnePlus logo appearing together with a blue recovery text at the screen’s top, simply release the buttons. Scroll the Volume down button while in the Recovery menu up to the place where the wipe cache partition highlighted and select it using the Power button. After finishing, highlight reboot system now using the Volume buttons and later select it with Power.


Manufacturer Warranty

In the event that the above methods fail to work, we recommend to examine whether the warranty of your OnePlus 6 still remains active. It may be time to fix the serious issues that the smartphone could be facing and it would be of great help if your OnePlus 6 is under a warranty cover.



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