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How To Fix OnePlus 6 Won’t Rotate Problem And Gyro Stopped Working

Many users of OnePlus 6 have reported the issue that their phone does not rotate sometimes or its gyro/accelerometer stops working occasionally. This happens when users turn on auto rotation in their phone. In this issue, the screen stays in the same orientation and does not change horizontally or vertically and this happens even with the camera open.

Another issue which is commonly faced by OnePlus 6 users is that the camera stays inverted which means that it shows everything upside down with all the buttons upside down as well. Some methods to resolve these issues are given below, you can use any of them according to your issue. If the issue persists even after using the below given methods, then that could be a software problem which could be resolved by updating your phone to the latest software.

Two simple methods can be used to solve your screen rotation problem, one is to hard reset your OnePlus 6 smartphone.

One of the easiest and effective way to ensure that the gyroscope or accelerometer is working correctly is to test it by yourself. This will allow you to understand the actual issue that is causing your screen rotation to malfunction. Just go to the dial pad and dial the code “*#0*#” (without the quotation marks). It will open a service mode, now click on sensors and perform a self-test.

While performing this self-test, if your mobile career gets disabled to access the service screen, then you can solve your screen rotation by performing reset to factory defaults. If you want to know how you can perform factory reset on your OnePlus 6 then read this guide. You should also contact with your service provide as they might have any solution to your problem as well.

There is another unique tip to resolve your OnePlus 6 screen rotation problem, but we would not recommend it. It involves hitting the backside of the phone gently so that it might give your phone a mild shock that might correct the problem. If you are ok with the risk than go ahead. But you should be very careful as it might cause other problems as well. We would recommend you to perform hard reset as that is the safest way to correct the problem.

This hard reset would wipe out all your files, apps and data on the phone. Therefore, you must perform a full backup of your phone before doing the hard reset. You can perform backup on your OnePlus 6 by using Settings > Backup & reset function. This guide, here provides a brief and simple way to perform hard reset.


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