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How To Fix Slow Internet Lag On OnePlus 6

In this digital age, it can be a frustrating experience when you use a smartphone that has a slow internet on OnePlus 6. Some owners of the OnePlus 6 have reported a slow internet lag when using apps such as Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube.

Several diverse reasons can cause the OnePlus 6 slow Internet connection and hence, pages fail to load as required. We will give you some of the reasons why OnePlus 6 can encounter a weak Internet connection before we explain to you how to fix the problem.


Common Reasons OnePlus 6 Internet To Be Slow:

  • Low signal strength or Poor signal.
  • Poor Wi-Fi network.
  • There could be too many internet users trying to accessing the website or maybe the Website is heavily loaded.
  • Your network may also have too many users or just facing a Network congestion
  • There could be background Apps running.
  • A full or corrupted or Internet cache.
  • A low Device memory.
  • A OnePlus 6 firmware Update.
  • a browser software that is not yet updated or an Outdated browser software.
  • Reached a speed reduction point or exceeded data speed limit.


A OnePlus 6 slow Internet connection could occur due to any of the above reasons. After finding out what could have caused the weak data connection problem but you are not sure how to fix that bad Internet problem, you will have to keep reading. Below are some instructions you can follow that shows you how to fix the OnePlus 6 slow Internet problem.


Ensure WiFi Is Turned Off In OnePlus 6

If it a common phenomenon for that to occur on your OnePlus 6 when a weak WiFi signal is still active. So, check whether the WiFi turned OFF or disabled is active. Follow the steps below to get to the OnePlus 6 Wi-Fi settings:

  1. Turn the OnePlus 6 on.
  2. Choose Menu.
  3. Then, Select Settings.
  4. Choose Connections.
  5. Go to Wi-Fi.
  6. Turn Wi-Fi OFF through Touching the ON/OFF slider that is next to Wi-Fi.


Clear OnePlus 6 Caches

Normally the previous method usually solves the OnePlus 6 slow Internet problem on the. However, if it fails to fix the issue to other reasons and the OnePlus 6 Internet still remain slow, you will have to try a “wipe cache partition” to see whether this problem will be fixed. Fortunately, this method doesn’t delete any data on your OnePlus 6. So, you don’t have to worry about your messages, photos, and videos data as they will remain safe. To perform a “Wipe Cache Partition” function your smartphone should be on the Android recovery mode. To know more about this, Read about how to clear OnePlus 6 phone cache.



OnePlus 6 For Malware

If the two previous methods don’t solve the slow Internet connection issue on OnePlus 6, then you might perhaps check whether your smartphone has a malware. To remove the malware, download a free anti-virus app via the phone’s Google Play Store. When you want to download a malware app check the one that has good feedbacks and reviews if you need best results when fixing OnePlus 6 weak Internet problem.

If you detect a malware when conducting a malware scan, simply clear the cache and data on your smartphone. And when the problem persists you will have to perform a factory reset on the OnePlus 6 that will bring the smartphone back to default position. Always back up all information and files to prevent data loss before you factory reset a OnePlus 6.


Get Technical Support

If you have already done everything possible to fix the slow Internet connection on the OnePlus 6, you have to return your smartphone to the shop or store you bought for physical check up to acertain any damages. If a technician proves that it is defective, it will be handed to a replacement unit for repair.


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