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How To Get Emojis On OnePlus 6

Sending a text message is becoming less preferable as Emojis become more popular. For new OnePlus owners, you would probably like to learn how you can add Emojis on OnePlus 6 instead of writing a text message. The procedure will be covered in this article. There have been claims from a section of OnePlus 6 users indicating that their phones don’t show Emojis.

Well, if these claims were anything to go by, there could be various reasons why the issue of Emojis not showing on OnePlus 6 is occurring.  To begin with, it might be the issue of software compatibility. Consider that some Emojis will only work when certain software is used. The users of the OnePlus 6 need to open the menu from the keyboard and then they can select a Smiley and insert it.


The Operating Software

In case the other users of OnePlus 6 are able to view these Emojis on their phones, this illustrates that you probably need to perform an update of the OS. To complete this action, Select the Settings from the all apps view, then click on More Settings, Navigate to Systems Upgrade, And then select Update the Phones System, tap on verify new update availability. In case there are available updates, follow the screen prompts to complete the actions.


Running Alternative System

If the Emojis sender is running a different system from what you are running, then compatibility will be the main issue. For instance, assume that the other person uses a third-party application to send text messages. The third party application might be having Emojis that will not be compatible with the Android OS you are running on your OnePlus 6. Therefore, since you don’t have the application that this person is running, the issue will obviously occur. Therefore to eliminate the problem you would want to ask the sender to use an application that is compatible with OnePlus 6 Texting APP.


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