How To Get OnePlus 5 To Read Text

If you own the new phone from OnePlus, you could want to know how to get OnePlus 5 to read text. This phone has a setting feature called dictation that allows you to speak into the phone and it’ll write it down as text into either a memo, email, SMS or any other text type app you have.

The OnePlus 5 voice to text feature is great for times that you want to have a hand free experience with your mobile device. Below we’ll explain how you can set up One Plus 5 voice to text and read to text feature.

When using his feature on the OnePlus 5, you’ll be able to read text out loud, that also works with OnePlus 5 to speak translations, with a book and in many other ways as well. It’s possible to have the read text feature on OnePlus 5 work with other languages than English as well.

Below are instructions on how to set up OnePlus 5 to read text allowed and voice to text.


How To Get OnePlus 5 To Read Text:

  1. Turn on your phone.
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Browse and select on System.
  4. Tap on Language & input.
  5. Tap on Text-to-speech that can be found below the Speech section.
  6. Select the TTS engine:
    • OnePlus text-to-speech engine.
    • OnePlus Text-to-speech engine.
  7. Tap on Settings, next to the search engine.
  8. Tap on Install voice data.
  9. Select Download.
  10. Once the language is downloaded, tap on the Back key.
  11. Tap on Language.


Once you’ve followed the instructions from above, you’ll be able to get OnePlus 5 to read text. We should note that the read text on OnePlus 5 doesn’t really have a focus for the visually impaired, but may work for some. The main concept for this feature is that it’ll speak things to you in real time.


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