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How To Hard Reset OnePlus 6

In case you are facing unresponsive screen or the phone simply stops responding, you need to consider the factory settings reset. Therefore you need to know the following procedure to be able to complete a factory reset. Also, you might want to check out the guide on resetting OnePlus to Factory Settings.

Before you start learning the procedure for completing OnePlus 6 reset, note that it is advisable that you perform a backup of your phone data. This is because the action will completely wipe the data you have in your phone. The procedure for backing up the data is simple. You just need to click on the settings and select backup and reset.


Procedure For Completing Reset On OnePlus 6

  1. Switch off your phone
  2. Press the following buttons concurrently: the Volume+, the power key and also the home key. Hold on the keys until you see the Android icon
  3. To select data wipe or the factory settings restore, use Volume- button and to confirm the action hit the power button
  4. Use Volume- to highlight yes-delete the user data and then use the power button to confirm the action
  5. The OnePlus button will reboot and to complete this press the power button


Once OnePlus restarts all data will have been wiped and so you need to begin the set up process again


The Second Method For Completing OnePlus 6 Settings Reset

  1. Switch on your device
  2. Go to the Home screen and tap on Menu and then navigate to the Settings
  3. Now tap on Reset and Backup so as to initiate the Reset process
  4. Confirm the selected option and click on Erase everything


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