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How To Increase OnePlus 6 Volume

Sometimes you will find that the default volume on your phone is not sufficient. Consider that the EU legislation forces OnePlus 6 manufacturer to set the phone volume to certain level. The initial noise level on your OnePlus 6 is therefore set to 100decibels. In most cases, this might not be enough for the user and therefore you might choose to adjust accordingly. Here, we will cover how you can increase the volume.

The first procedure is that of using the Ultimate Volume Booster, the application called Goodev. We will also find the other application which lets you increase volume on your OnePlus 6. Before we get started, note that listening to high volume music can lead to hearing loss.


Using Volume Booster App to Unlock OnePlus 6 Volume

The Ultimate Volume Booster is the first approach as the application lets you increase the phones volume. The application is quiet simple to use. To boost the volume all the OnePlus 6 user needs to do is to turn the knob. This allows you to boost the phones volume up to around 30% which is certainly not bad. Here is the guide for using the application.


Using Volume Booster Goodev to Boost Volume in OnePlus 6 

You can use the Volume Booster Goodev to increase volume on your OnePlus 6. The application allows volume boosting and management at the same time. All you need to make use of is the slider that increases the phone volume. A good feature about this application is the ability to see the volume slider on your phones notification tab. This makes the procedure practical! In some cases, the app might not function when used in some devices and so it is important that you test to ascertain that the application really works.


Using OnePlus6 Volume Booster Pro App to Increase Volume OnePlus 6

The Volume Booster Pro is the last app that we can make use of. The application is different from the others and has a huge potential of allowing you to select the particular volume you want to increase. Therefore, you can use the application to boost the alarm volume without altering the music volume. While making use of the application, make sure you know the particular volume you want to increase.

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