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How To Insert SIM Card On OnePlus 6

To make use of your mobile phone, you need to insert the SIM card. It is the SIM card that lets you to use the phone by enabling you to connect with others through the network. Therefore, you can make the calls only if the SIM card is inserted on your phone.

Regardless of requirement, in most cases you don’t have the required guide for inserting the SIM card. This is the main reason why we decided to have this write-up. In this guide, we elaborate what you need to ensure you have done before inserting the SIM card, how to insert it and later, we will show you different SIM cards types available.


Before Inserting the Sim Card, Do the Following:

There are two to three things that you need to do before you insert the SIM card onto your phone. To begin with, make sure the phone is off. Secondly, check out to ascertain the SIM card is compatible with your mobile phone. Note that there a\re different types of SIM cards that are compatible with only particular phones. To find out more, scroll to the final part of this article. The last thing is that you will need a thin pin to insert the SIM card in case the OnePlus 6 SIM tracking port is on the side. Refer to the guide on Modification of Sim Pin Code is you wish to do this.


The Procedures for OnePlus 6 SIM Card Insertion

The Model of your OnePlus 6 determines the technique to use when you need to insert the SIM Card. Here is the right procedure that you need to follow.


Option One: Inserting A SIM Card on the Side Tracking Port of your Phone

Start by locating the SIM card tracking port which is often found on the side. To ascertain that the port is on the side, checkout for a small hole located on the side next to the SIM card port. Once you have located the hole, you now need to insert a sharp pointed object on the hole. Use a paper clip and the SIM card rack will be forced out. Pull out the rack completely and insert the SIM card to the rack. Once done, insert the rack with the SIM card back to the phone.


Option Two: Inserting the SIM card From the Phone`s Back

If you can’t find a slot on the side of your phone, then certainly the SIM tracking port is on the rear of the phone. Switch off the phone, and open unfasten it by using the tips of your fingers. Then you can now check out for the location of the phone SIM card. Often, you will find the tracking port under the phones battery. Once found, insert the SIM card carefully and in the right direction. Of course the golden side should be facing downwards. Return the back of the phone and you are done!

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