How To Install Apps On OnePlus 6

You will definitely need to download and install applications on your OnePlus 6 Smartphone. Basically, the applications enable you to do different things using the smartphone. You will find applications that suit different purposes. For instance, there are applications that can be used for entertainment, for checking your emails, accessing your bank account, and ideally you will find an application that can enable you do entirely anything you desire. In this guide, we will feature the procedure for installing applications on your OnePlus 6.

To begin with, we will take you through the basic procedure you need to follow before you can install applications. Later we will introduce you to the APK files and illustrate how to install the APK files. If you want to avoid memory related issues, we will also illustrate how you can install the needed applications on your SD card.


Basic Steps for Applications Installation

Installing Apps from Google Store

Irrespective of the nature of work you want to complete using an app on your smartphone, the procedure for downloading the application remains the same. Therefore if it is an app that allows you to root your OnePlus6, an application for creating backup on OnePlus 6, or just any other type of action that you wish to complete, just follow the same procedure to download an application that completes the action. Open the Google PlayStore which as the name depicts is a Google application. From this platform, you will come across dozens of applications and also very many games. You will be required to pay for some of the application, while others are entirely free.

Some of the apps you can find on Google apps store include Netflix, the Shazam app, Facebook Twitter and also Instagram. Go through the platform to find your favorite apps and install them to your phone. The Google Play Store is one of the default applications that come loaded on your Smartphone.


Installing applications From Google PlayStore to your Phone

Locate the Google PlayStore application on your phone and click on it to get started. Now, search for the application you want to download by entering the name on the provided search bar. The application will appear on the search results. Therefore touch on the application to go through the application description and reviews. Click on the provided Install tab to get the app downloaded and installed on the phone.


Locating the Installed Application on your OnePlus 6 Smartphone

The application will be available from the phones home page, or you can also access it by clicking on the application menu.


Procedure for Installing APK Application on OnePlus 6 Smartphone

The installation file is referred to as APK application. The file is usually saved using the apk file format. Therefore, you can install an application by downloading the apk file and running it on the device. Checkout the APKmirror which is an app that allows you to download the APK files for any application you wish to install. Here are the steps for installing an APK file.

  1. Allow installation from unknown sources on your OnePlus 6. This can be done easily by navigating to the settings, then to the security, tap on the Unknown sources to allow this installation.
  2. Download the APK file from the web browser and locate the downloaded file from the downloads file
  3. Install the APK file by clicking on the file and confirming the installation by clicking on the install command. In case this does not work as expected, you might use the APK file installation files.


Installing Applications on OnePlus SD Card

Now that you already know how you can install applications on your OnePlus 6 smartphone, it is important to go a step further and discover how you can install the apps on your SD Card. This enables you to use the SD card memory enabling you to free the space on your phone. Allow the installation of files on SD card by:

  1. Open the settings app
  2. Navigate to advanced settings
  3. Open the memory and storage settings
  4. Click on default location and set it to SD card
  5. From now hence forth new apps will always be installed on the SD Card.

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