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How To Make A Video Call On OnePlus 6

The procedure for making video calls on OnePlus 6 device is very easy. The procedure lets you see the face of the person you are contacting. When talking to people you haven’t met, you might want to see their face. Taking a video using the phone`s front camera while talking to the other person makes it possible to see the face of the caller.

Therefore checkout the content on this article to find out how you can achieve a video call. There are 3 apps that you can use to activate a video call on OnePlus 6. However, for this to function, both the caller and the receiver need to have the application installed on their phones. In this article we cover how you can make a call through Facebook Messenger application. Then there is Google Hangout and the Skype video call.


Using Facebook Messenger to Complete Video Call on OnePlus 6

Making the use of Facebook Messenger to complete a video call is one of the simplest approaches. You just need to click on the app icon and start a call with the person you want to reach. There is an icon that looks like a camera that you need to press. Once you have pressed the icon, a video call will then begin connecting to the other person. Click on the camera`s small arrows to change OnePlus 6 camera.


Using Google Hangout for OnePlus 6 Video Calls 

To make video calls through Hangout, you should have a Google account. It will only take you five minutes to create the Google account. Download and Install the Google Hangout application. Once installed, now import all the contacts stored on your phone. To begin Google Hangout video call, press the new video call icon and enter the contact that you need to reach out to via the Google Hangout Video call. Press the Camera like icon to launch the video call.


Starting Video Call on OnePlus 6 Using Skype 

You need a Skype Account so that you can be able to make video calls. Create the account, download and install the Skype application and then complete the login and setup. Import the contacts and then select the particular contact you need to reach out to. Click start a video call and you will be done.

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