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How To Mute OnePlus 6

There comes a time when you may want to mute OnePlus 6, and probably need to know how you can mute your phone. There are several options you can use to mute ringtones and several other notifications sounds on OnePlus 6. Some people usually need to be aware of how to silence or mute OnePlus 6 to avoid causing unwanted interruptions whenever they are in a busy place like a meeting place, school or any other crucial moments.

Apart from the normal features that are on most smartphones like the standard vibrate, mute, and silent mode functions, the OnePlus 6 eases life through enabling a user use simple gestures and motions to turn off sounds. On that understanding, let us now explain to you how to mute an OnePlus 6.


Muting OnePlus 6 With Regular Mute Functions

There are several ways you can use regular mute functions to mute OnePlus 6. Firstly, the quick and easy way you can use to mute OnePlus 6 is through the use of the volume control button that located on the smartphone’s left side. You will just have to hold down that button up to the point where it reaches to silent mode.

Secondly, you can hold down the power button till the mute and vibrate options appear on the screen and then select the option you desire. Thirdly, you can head to the sound settings swipe down on the screen from the top until you access the mute/vibrate options.


Muting OnePlus 6 With Motions And Gestures

Another great method you can use to mute the OnePlus 6 is to enable the motion controls that are on the OnePlus 6. You need just to place your palm over the screen or turn the phone over and lay it on its face.

You can also go to the settings page on the OnePlus 6, head to My Device section and access the Motions and Gestures controls.


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