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How To Open And Remove Shell On OnePlus 6

Being able to open the phones shell is a very good thing. This applies especially when you need to insert an SD card or even the SIM card. This might also be when you want to have the battery removed from the phone and also may be when you need to dust off the phone. Here we will see how you can find the point that lets you open the shell of your OnePlus 6 and later how to open the shell.


Locating OnePlus 6 Shell Opening Point

Finding the shell opening point of the phone is the most basic step if you need to open it. This can be easily found if you refer to the manufacturer`s guide on how to open the shell. You can find the user manual by searching online. You can unclip or slide the shell of the phone when you need to open it. It is however; very important that you remain vigilant when doing this to make sure you don’t damage the phone.


Opening OnePlus 6 Smartphone

With the opening point located, you can now begin the procedure of opening the phone `s shell. This can be achieved by sliding or unclipping the phone. With that having been done, you can go ahead to insert the SIM card or to access the battery. In circumstances where you might need to open the phone`s front, note that this might be very difficult. However, it is always advisable that you consult an expert.


Measures to Put in Place When Opening OnePlus 6

The shell of your smartphone protects very fragile parts of your phone. Therefore extra caution is needed whenever you need to open the phone. The fragile parts of the phone include the battery, the circuit board and also the SIM card. No dust or moisture should get into the phone and therefore you need to maintain a clean environment so that this doesn’t occur.


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